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We Craft Digital Products.

Call us what you will. Tyre kickers, tree shakers, boat rockers or devil’s advocates, but ultimately we’re (un)conventional problem solvers.

What We Do

Our tailored services help to craft the foundation of your product.

No matter the stage in which your product sits within its development lifecycle, we can assist in areas of need.

Product Ideation

Through focused research we identify who your competitors are, how you can differentiate, what your unique selling proposition (USP) can be and where your product can add real and sustainable value. We test our findings against your business model to make sure that it is solid from the onset.

Market Validation

We look to identify a viable market fit for your product. Will such a market recognise and sign up for the value that you believe your product provides, and in consideration of your business model? We work with you to talk speed to market, costs relative to your return on investment (ROI) as well as your appetite for risk.

Business Requirements

We define your product according to your business requirements, and relative to your budget and timelines. We condense this into a Business Requirements Specification (BRS) that becomes the 'source of truth' and foundation on which your idea is built.

Product Design UX/UI

We create high-level user journeys based on your business requirements. We further define these journeys into user flows, screens and wireframes, respectively, culminating in user interface designs (UI) that are considerate of your corporate identity (CI) branding and copy.

Functional Requirements

We define your functional requirements based on your business requirements and consolidate these into a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS). The FRS outlines, in detail, each functional component of your product as well as how it is intended to function and be used by the end user, and in order to meet your business requirements.

Product Optimisation

We can help to optimise your existing products. For example, successful customer onboarding is one of the most critical aspects in any product’s user journey. There are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration when conceptualising this flow and, if not done optimally, drop-off can be devastatingly high. We can revisit your existing customer onboarding flow and advise on how best to optimise this journey to increase your conversion success ratio.

Product Management

There are many moving and often interdependent parts that all need to seamlessly come together to achieve a successful product outcome. Effort, capacity, timelines, and dependencies are just a few of these areas that need constant attention and oversight. We can assist in managing all these aspects of product development, and so as to free you up to focus on other areas that are of importance to you.

Have an idea or problem that needs solving?


In our experience, the birth of any product starts with 3 steps.

Product Ideation

key elements:

Idea: Great, you have an idea!
Focused research: competitors / opportunity / differentiation / USP / legal / technologies / sustainable value / business model.

Market Validation

key elements:

Identify viable market fit.
Speed to market.
Costs relative to ROI.
Risk appetite.

Business Requirements

key elements:

PRFAQ: Press Release & Frequently Asked Questions.
Business Requirements Specification (BRS).

Product Design UX/UI

key elements:

High-level User Journeys.
User Flows.
Pages / Screens.
User Experience (UX) Wireframes.
User Interface (UI) Designs.
Functional Requirements Specification (FRS).


Our costing is personalised to your specific needs.

We treat every project as unique. We provide you with a quote that’s specially tailored for you, and based on a number of factors.

Initial engagements are always free, so let's chat.


We have close to 30 years of collective experience in product development.

Mike Hardy

Mike is best known for being the frontman and vocalist for two of South Africa’s premier rock bands, Sons of Trout (1996 - 2003) and Bed on Bricks (2003 - 2020) . His more recent musical endeavours have been with TDK90 .

An equal passion of his has been the world of digital which he entered into around 16 years ago. In this time, he has been exposed to and worked within various types of digital environments - predominantly in senior managerial roles - including, but not limited to: interactive display media, marketing and advertising, mobile commerce, e-commerce, content to commerce programmes, as well as a number of his own side-hustles over the years.

Mike co-founded and managed a Flash animation school in partnership with Digicape
(2008 - 2010) , and has, over time, honed his knowledge and skills on product development and the methodologies that can be used to achieve optimal outcomes.

Mike is passionate about entrepreneurship and small business, and his attention to detail drives his wife and kids mad!

Stephen Douglas

Stephen is an experienced Head of Product with a strong background in information technology and fintech product development. Skilled in digital strategy, product development, operations management, web design/UI, and marketing strategy, Steve has a demonstrated history of driving success.

Steve leads the strategy, roadmap, and growth of products and services. He excels in understanding customer needs, fostering integration opportunities, and delivering first-class service.

With a Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing, Advertising & Communications Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Interactive & Online Media Production, and a track record of driving customer-centric solutions, Steve is committed to continuous improvement and growth in the technology industry.


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